An der Stadtmauer, Neubrandenburg


When travelling north, to Greifswald, Caspar David Friedrich usually made a stopover in the quiet Mecklenburg town of Neubrandenburg, which since 1801 was home to his brothers Johannes (Hannes) and Adolf and their families. Adolf went back to Greifswald in 1805 and took over his father’s house and workshop in Lange Straße, which today houses the Caspar David Friedrich Centre.
Due to the fact that Caspar David Friedrich’s parents, Adolf Gottlieb and Sophia Dorothea Friedrich, were originally from Neubrandenburg, the artist had many relatives in the town.
When staying in Neubrandenburg, he often walked around the nearby Tollensesee, as documented by drawings and paintings of his impressions dating from 1801, 1806 and 1809.

In order to find out in which way Friedrich’s work was influenced by the town of Neubrandenburg, visit the Picture Gallery at the Pomeranian State Museum.