Ausschnitt aus o.T. (Leipzig) 2014 aus der Serie "Perspicere" © Oliver Petschauer

Caspar David Friedrich Prize

Dedicated to Friedrich’s artistic legacy, the Caspar David Friedrich Society has been awarding the annual Caspar David Friedrich Prize since 2001. As a tribute to the painter’s former places of residence and work, students from the Academies of Fine Arts in Dresden and in Copenhagen as well as from the Caspar David Friedrich Institute at the University of Greifswald are entitled to apply for the prize. It is awarded to pieces of art that explore current issues dealing with the relation between man, nature and art and which are related to the work and ideas of Caspar David Friedrich.

The award includes prize money of 2.500 euros. In addition, the award holders are given the opportunity to present their work of art in an exhibition at the picture Gallery of the Caspar David Friedrich Centre.